Thursday Thoughts: General Conference

When President Monson declared, “Conference is now over,” on Sunday afternoon, I felt an almost tangible sadness. Though conference weekend is long, and it requires a great deal of preparation in order to devote eight hours to watch all of it, at the end, I always know the Lord knows my heart. He knows my weaknesses and my worries. He knows our world and what we need to hear.

This conference was no different. I have been increasingly troubled by the code of conduct that is deemed acceptable. From what is branded entertainment to the role models offered up by the world, I find myself closing off borders in my own little country, denying entrance to pop culture.

President Monson spoke of the changing world, and the changing moral compass, the abandonment of the ethic of self-restraint. He warned of spending our moral capital with the same reckless abandonment as our financial capital. He said that morality is not passe. Our conscience is there to guide us; we are responsible for our actions. Our code of conduct is not negotiable. The Lord’s constancy is something on which we can rely. We must be vigilant in a world that has moved so far from morality.

President Monson urged us to seek the Lord’s help. When we communicate with Heavenly Father through prayer, and work toward the goal of having a relationship with Heavenly Father, we can receive inspiration in order to weather the storms and trials of life.


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