Wednesday Words


Bri Liegh taught our Teachings for our Time lesson on Sunday. Bri is new in the ward and you all need to meet her. She is wonderful and we are so happy to have her.

This weeks lesson focused on “Place no more for the Enemy of My Soul”  by Jeffrey R. Holland in an address he gave in General Conference April 2010.

Elder Holland’s talk was about the dangers of lust in our society, which he described as the opposite of love. He talked about we can do to keep it from creeping into our homes and our thoughts. We talked a lot about the dangers of easy access to pornography through the internet and the damage it can do. Many sisters shared what they do to protect their family including specific internet filters set up on their computer. The ones that were mentioned are Safe Eyes, Covenant Eyes, K-9. Some like K-9 are available to download for free off the internet. Others have a monthly or yearly cost. Also one sister mentioned that on her Apple computer it is easy to set up a filter through Parental Control. Basically we all agreed that we need to be proactive in guarding our home and being open to talk about this with our children and as husband and wife.

Elder Holland said, “Most people in trouble end up crying, “What was I thinking?” Well, whatever they were thinking, they weren’t thinking of Christ. Yet, as members of His Church, we pledge every Sunday of our lives to take upon ourselves His name and promise to “always remember him.” 8 So let us work a little harder at remembering Him—especially that He has “borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows … , [that] he was bruised for our iniquities … ; and with his stripes we are healed.” 9 Surely it would guide our actions in a dramatic way if we remembered that every time we transgress, we hurt not only those we love, but we also hurt Him, who so dearly loves us. But if we do sin, however serious that sin may be, we can be rescued by that same majestic figure, He who bears the only name given under heaven whereby any man or woman can be saved. 10 When confronting our transgressions and our souls are harrowed up with true pain, may we all echo the repentant Alma and utter his life-changing cry: “O Jesus, thou Son of God, have mercy on me.” 11

“I promise you that the light of His everlasting gospel can and will again shine brightly where you feared life had gone hopelessly, helplessly dark. May the joy of our fidelity to the highest and best within us be ours as we keep our love and our marriages, our society and our souls, as pure as they were meant to be, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”


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