Thursday Thoughts–Temple Work and Family History

The following quotes come from the RS manual Gospel Principles.

“Temples of The Church f Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are special buildings dedicated to the Lord. Worthy church members may go there to receive sacred ordinances and make covenants with God.  Like baptism, these ordinances and covenants are necessary for our salvation.They must be performed in the temples of the Lord.

We also go to the temple to learn more about Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  We gain a better understanding of our purpose in life and our relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  We are taught about our premortal existence, the meaning of earth life, and life after death.. . . . . . . .

Mario Cannamela married Maria Vitta in 1882.  They lived in Tripani, Italy, where they raised a family and shared many wonderful years stogether. Mario and  Maria did not hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ during their lifetimes.  They were not baptized.  They did not have the opportunity to go to t he temple and be sealed together as an eternal family.  At dath, their marriage ended.

Over a century later a great reunion took place.  Descendants of Mario and  Maria went to the Los Angeles Temple, where a great-grandson and his wife knelt at an altar and served as proxies for the sealing of Mario and Maria. Tears filled their eyes as they shared in Mario and Maria’s joy.”


I know that our ancestors want us to do their work and that the Lord wnats us to go to the temple as often as possible.  Let us take advantage of these blessings that the Lord has provided for us.



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