Friday Favorites: Apples

Apple season is upon us! I love going apple-picking, but I love getting a good price for bushels of apples even more. For the past several years, I’ve been buying my apples from the UNH Horticulture Department. They’re located back behind the horse barns, and though it’s sometimes hit-or-miss to find someone there who will sell you the apples, they have boxes of seconds for $5, including Macs and Honeycrisp as well as a variety of others. If you’re interested in getting apples there, let me know. The money goes to support the students as well, so buying from them is a good thing all around.

Other great places to pick apples include Butternut Farm in Farmington, where the apples are $1.00/lb or half-price if you get drops. DeMeritt Hill Farm on Rt. 155 sells both picked apples in their farm stand, as well as pick your own. Tecce’s Farm on Mast Way in Lee sells apples in their farm stand and they used to have pick-your-own as well, though I’m not sure if they still do. However, they have the best corn on the cob ever, so a trip there is well worth it, even if you can’t get apples.




2 Responses to “Friday Favorites: Apples”

  1. Joy Says:

    I don’t have your e-mail, but we’d love to get some apples if they’d be good for canning. I’m new at canning apples, but I want to try this year.

  2. portsmouthwardwomen Says:

    UPDATE: Apples are now $10/box for seconds, $15 for firsts if you bring your own box at UNH. I stopped by today and they have a wonderful variety.

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