Wednesday Words: Lifelong Learning

I came across this in the August Ensign and thought it was a good reminder of wholesome activities that we can encourage our families to participate in if we are stuck in a rut.

Suggestions for Lifelong Learning

*Read a Good Book.

* Take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try.

*Attend wholesome cultural events. (UNH has lots of these that are free to the public)

*Study the assigned general conference talk or chapter in the Gospel Principles manual for Sunday lessons.

*Visit Museums and historic sites. (Our local library has lots of free and reduced tickets available for local sites.)

*Observe the world around your neighborhood, stargaze, watch animals in your area.

*Do family history work.

*Learn a new skill or sport.

* Visit the library to research a topic of interest.

So next time you hear from a family member, “I’m bored”, Pull out this list.

Kashann Casper

For more on this topic, see “True to the Faith (2004) “Education,” 50-51.


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