Tuesday Tips: Stop the naggin

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Sitting around pregnant on bed rest has turned me into a nagger. I am driving everyone crazy around my house. Begging and pleading everyone to sweep the floor or clean a bathroom. There is always a solution though. For some reason sometimes my brain is slow though and I forgot about the job chart that got lost in the move. So I made a new one. Sitting on my easy chair and with a pen and paper I found next to me. So it’s nothing fancy . .  but it works. This kind of chart has worked for our family for years. They can all easily see their jobs for the day and on the far left I have listed extra jobs, that will get done on Saturday. It hangs on the kitchen fridge. The names are all in pencil in case they need to be shifted around. I listed myself as the permanent dishwasher since everyone in my house agrees it’s a perfect job for Mom sitting on her stool. This has eliminated almost all of my nagging in the last few days. And by the way, I didn’t plan on blog publishing this when I created this sloppy job chart. But I was in a pinch and needed a tip and decided that you all could excuse my crooked lines and handwriting. 🙂



One Response to “Tuesday Tips: Stop the naggin”

  1. Ginger J Says:

    This is so great. I needed a reminder about job charts. Thanks!

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