Friday Favorites: Vintage Clothes

My husband’s high school reunion was last weekend, which caused me no end of fretting about finding something to wear, which makes me sound incredibly shallow, considering there are real problems in the world. Still. What can I say? It’s incredibly challenging finding a dress these days that’s not too short, too low, too tight, strapless/sleeveless, AND actually fits.

So, as usual, I turned to vintage dresses, or vintage-style dresses from the 50s and 60s. While I’ve occasionally found some true vintage ones online at ebay, the vintage-inspired ones at Shabby Apple and ModCloth are often less expensive, with a more modern fit. If you’re in need of a dress, I recommend perusing these sites.

Happy Friday!






One Response to “Friday Favorites: Vintage Clothes”

  1. Donna Michell Says:

    Funny, those of us who lived then tend to avoid those clothes. However, I have a wool jumper my mother made me which I kept because I loved the fabric. One of my daughters appropriated it and wears it fairly often. Hmmm, maybe I should see if any of my other treasures fits me.

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