Tuesday Tips: Grilling

*Have a clean cooking grate (turn burners to high, heat for several minutes, then clean with a wire brush)

*If you need to oil the grate (for cooking sticky stuff like fish or veggies), wad up paper towels or tin foil, dip in vegetable oil and use tongs to oil the grate.

*To keep pork or chicken from drying out, brine it in a saltwater solution (for each lb of meat, dissolve ¼ c kosher salt [or 2 T table salt] and 2 T sugar in 1 qt cold water. Submerge meat in brine and refrigerate 45 minutes.)

*To keep food from charring before it cooks through, have hot and cooler spots so you can sear food over the hotter area then move it to a cooler area to finish cooking it through.

*To prevent flare-ups, don’t apply sauces until the last minute. Keep a spray bottle of water or even a glass of water to flick onto flare-ups.




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