Wednesday Words … of Wisdom

Wednesday Words by Tristi Pinkston:

We are taught in the Word of Wisdom how important it is to take care of our bodies.  We know we shouldn’t drink coffee or tea, chew tobacco (ew, gross) or smoke.  We know the danger of taking drugs, and we don’t drink alcohol.  We do these things because they’re what we’ve been taught, and we know we’re healthier for doing it.  But sometimes I wonder if we really understand the body/spirit connection.

Our bodies are the homes of our spirits, and our spirits are here on earth to fulfill wonderful missions that only we can fulfill.  When we don’t take care of our bodies, we’re reducing our spirits’ abilities to carry out those missions.  Our Heavenly Father can always use us if we’re willing, and I have no doubt that if our capacities are diminished, He’ll find a new work for us to do, but I also think it’s so important to take care of these vehicles he has given us and use them as wisely as we can.  He doesn’t just bless us with good health as we follow the Word of Wisdom – He sends spiritual blessings, too.


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