Tuesday Tips–perfect brownies–your way

I was trying to figure out what I should give as a tip today, with my wise tip collection seemingly on the hold for now, but I did find some tips online about how to modify brownie recipes so that they come out the way you like them.  Here they are. They come from Dennis Weaver of The Prepared Pantry.–Pam

To Make your brownies more cake-like:

  • Increase the amount of flour in your recipe.
  • Substitute cocoa for part of the solid chocolate.
  • Bake until a toothpick comes out clean.
To make your brownies fudgier:
  • Decrease the amount of flour in  your recipe.
  • Increase the amount of fat by decreasing the amount of cocoa and increasing the solid chocolate.  You can also add butter to make your brownies fudgier.
  • Take your brownies from the oven when a toothpick comes with just a bit of batter still clinging to it.
To make your brownies crustier (but still with a moist interior)
  • Beat the batter vigorously after the eggs are added.
  • Lower  the temperature to 300 degrees and bake the brownies longer.
To make your brownies less crusty:
  • Mix the eggs into the batter gently. stir only until mixed.
  • Bake your brownies at 350 degrees.
To use cocoa instead of baking chocolate:
  • Reduce the amount of flour by 1/4 cup.
  • Increase the fat–increase the eggs by two.
  • For five ounces of melted chocolate, use one cup dark cocoa with a high cocoa butter content.

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