Friday Favorites

As you know from a previous post I made, I love film.  Being a teacher of it at Exeter High School, I am always looking for new and great films to share with my students and my family.  One genre of film that I love is animation.  Many people think that animation is just for kids, but a good animated film will have something for everyone.  One such film, and  our family’s favorite is the film Up,which came out about two years ago.  Up is the kind of film that will make you cry and laugh and feel just plain great.

The story centers around Mr. Carl Frederickson, crotchety old widower who refuses to sell his house to a city developer.  One day when he is deemed  a “menace” to society and is to be sent to live in a senior citizen home, he devises a way to escape his dilemma and keep the promise he made to his wife long ago when they were children.   He fills up hundreds and thousands of balloons with helium and lifts his house up, hence the title, to keep that promise made so long ago  to go Paradise Falls in South America.

Carl loved his wife more than anything, so he wants nothing to do with anything that gets in the way of his goal, but he soon learns that some things are more important than even keeping a childhood promise, and he learns this from a little boy named Russell, a large colorful bird named Kevin, and a talking dog named Doug.  These three characters are the catalyst Carl needs to find a new adventure that is more important than the one he longed to have with  his wife, and he is only able to learn that when he learns that he can still love somebody in addition to his wife.

We learn of this love for  his wife in one of the most touching moments in the film, a  five minute montage with only music to tie the shots together. We learn of the joys and sorrows  of their marriage until it finally ends with Ellie’s death.  I cry every time I watch it.   Beautiful film making.

Up is a classic film that teaches us what it is that makes us human and what the  most important things in life are.  Watch it with your family or by yourself and see if you agree.



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