Tuesday Tips

Summer time is when I stock up my shelves with home made jams.  July and August are the months I pick raspberries, blueberries,  and peaches and turn them into mouthwatering jams.

The only problem with many of these jams is the sugar content.  If you buy Sure Gel or any other store brand pectin, you must use  a 2-1 ratio of sugar to fruit; that is two times the sugar as the fruit. That doesn’t make for a very healthy jam.  Quite a few years ago I discovered a solution to this problem: Pomona’s Universal Pectin.

This wonderful product is produced in Massachusetts. Many farm stands carry it and you can order it online from many different outlets. This is what it says on the back of the box:

“POMONA’S UNIVERSAL PECTIN makes thick jam and jelly with rich, full flavor undiluted by large amounts of added sugar.  Ordinary fruit pectins require your jam or jelly to be 55-85% sugar to set firmly.

POMONA’S UNIVERSAL is a low methoxyl type pectin extracted from citrus peel.  Its jelling power is activated by calcium (included), not by sugar content.

Now you’re free to make cooked jam and jelly and freezer jam the way you like it–sweetened to  your taste with honey, sugar, artificial sweetener, fruit juice concentrate or any other sweetener.”

With store bought pectins, you can only make one  batch at a time, and for every two cups of fruit,  you need 4 cups or more of sugar and   you cannot use other sweeteners.  With Pomona you can make multiple batches of jam at the same time, saving energy and time, and you can add very little sweetener. For my last batch of freezer strawberry jam, I used four cups of fruit and 1 1/2 cups of sugar.  It was delicious.

Another tip for great jams is to combine different fruits together.  For example, do you like blueberry and raspberry jam?  Try combining the two together?  How about peaches and blueberries–combine them together.

A little afraid of doing cooked jams, try freezer jams. They are quick and easy and very yummy.   Once you feel comfortable with making freezer jams, you can make cooked jams with ease.  Just make sure you follow all directions carefully.


So happy jam making this summer.



2 Responses to “Tuesday Tips”

  1. suebl0gGong Says:

    This blog is the greatest idea eveeer. I’m not sure who wrote the blog today. What am I missing? I want to respond personally to these great ideas. Sue

    • portsmouthwardwomen Says:

      Sue, I am writing this week’s blog posts. I keep forgetting to let people know who I am when I write. Don’t you use Pomona for your jams? Pam

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