Friday Favorites–Judy Kohl

Today for Friday Favorites, I (Melanie Marks) am going to introduce you to one of my favorite people in the ward—Judy Kohl.:

Hi Everyone.  This is Judy Kohl.  Gonna tell you some stuff about me:

I joined the church in Nov of 1963.  I was working at a bank in downtown Portsmouth and was on my lunch hour (yes we hour lunches back then).  Two missionaries stopped me to ask the two well-known questions at that time 1/ “What do you know about the Mormon Church?” and 2/ “Would you like to know more?”  I was in a hurry and I was rude, but I agreed to attend a Sunday meeting.  I was still kind of rude. hahahaha        I met my husband a couple years later and according to my high school English teacher, it was considered a “romantic meeting” (because it wasn’t your typical type of meeting)  My classmate Anne was his sister and she and her father were producing a play and Anne asked me if I’d like to try out.  I did and I ended up being the Leading Lady (The wife) and Anne’s brother Warren was the Leading Man (the husband!)   We both thought each other were weird, so playing husband and wife was kind of uncomfortable.  But we got used to each other and actually fell in love (Oh gag gag gag?  hahahahah)

My favorite types of music are really interesting: Classical (Baroque, Mendelsohn, Schubert–PLEASE no Mozart, nice but “over-kill”) Heavy metal, Pop rock, Celtic/Goth/Fantasy. SUCH AS:::: Savatage, Tran-siberian Orchestra, Metallica, Firehouse, Linkin Park, Plain White Tees, Nickleback, Rhapsody of Fire—Even BOY BANDS like Boy Zone and Westlife.

Not too many favorite movies, although the Star Wars series I still enjoy, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings.  The scariest movie to me is Alien (the very first of the Alien series)

Here something very interesting:::  As a teenager, I was interested only in playing piano and gymnastics.  I was NEVER getting married or EVER going to cook or EVER have children!!!  And the biggest NEVER was I was not going to sew or knit. I JUST WANTED to be a dancer and a pianist!!!

Now I am still working.  I “shuffle” Visa applications around for 8 hours a day at the National Visa Center (these are apps for green card Visas.) I enjoy writing music now that I bought my own keyboard with earphones so I don’t bother anyone in the household.  I am writing on a history type novel that takes place out West in the 1880’s.  What fun I’ve had researching.

That’s it.  Hope this is not too long.  🙂 Judy

So … that was Judy.  As you can now see, she’s a really fun lady that you should all get to know.  I also wanted to add that Judy wrote the music and lyrics to the song the Primary kids sang in sacrament meeting on Easter.  And she wrote the lyrics and music for Mkahyla’s (Thelma Remmick’s granddaughter) baptism.  Also … just so you all know, Judy’s Birthday is next Friday, July 15.  

Happy Birthday Judy!!!  🙂 


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2 Responses to “Friday Favorites–Judy Kohl”

  1. portsmouthwardwomen Says:

    It was great reading about Judy. I have known her ever since I joined the church in 1973.

    • portsmouthwardwomen Says:

      Judy is great! So fun! But … um … who are you? Trying to guess, but can’t. Hmmmmm

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