Thursday Thoughts:

Chapter 35 titled Obedience was our lesson last Sunday in Relief Society.

The Prophet Joseph Smith said, “I made this my rule: When the Lord commands, do it”. We talked about Pres. Hutchin’s talk in Sacrament Meeting a couple weeks ago. He said that he prays every morning for direction and inspiration  and then promises the Lord that he will do whatever he is asked. Some in our Relief Society mentioned that they have taken that suggestion to heart and have seen how the Lord offers them individual guidance and then blesses then when they obey.

Sometimes we disobey because we think a commandment is not very important. The lesson reminded us of a man in the scriptures named Naaman who had a dreadful disease and traveled to ask the Prophet Elisha to heal him. When he was asked to wash in a certain river to be healed he went away offended and confused why the prophet would ask this thing of him. But his servants said, “If the prophet had bid thee to do some great thing, wouldest though have done it?” He took their counsel and washed and was healed.

It is important to obey a Prophet of God even it is a small matter and we don’t see the point.

Other times we find it hard to obey because we are like Nephi’s brothers and think that the Lord is asking too much. Like them, we may say, “This is a hard thing God requires of us.”

Each commandment is important and we can be assured that he will prepare a way for us to accomplish it.

And each time we obey we are blessed. Even in small things.



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