Friday Favorites

Once again we get to hear from Jen. Thanks Jen for helping me out this week and being a fresh voice on the blog.
My Favorite Free Media websites-
I always feel better with good music playing at home. Here are a couple of my favorite music websites:– You can create your personal “stations” based on music you like. You enter a song or an artist you like, they find similar music and play a continuous stream of that type of music.  My favorites include my stations: Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Alan Menken (composer of a lot of Disney movie music), Mozart, and Brandenburg Concerto. The best part is that if you don’t like a song they choose, you can give it a thumbs down and they won’t play any more of that type of music! Give a favorite song a thumbs up, and they’ll choose more like that. It’s fun.  He’s an amazing pianist, and has free playlists on his site, all different moods and tempos available.– Music from a lot of the seminary classes and youth themes over the years.
Other free sites I enjoy:  You can listen to talks given by general authorities and scholars at BYU devotionals and forums. They are so interesting and uplifting!
On Sundays we watch a lot of videos off  the church website:
There is a new movie about Joseph Smith as well as one about President Monson that we have enjoyed.

lds media.

Jennifer Lyon



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