Tuesday Tips

I thought I would bring in some fresh blood since you’ve already had a few of my tips in weeks past. Here’s what Jen Lyon could come up with when I put her on the spot.

Tuesday tips
I’ve had to get creative with some of the owies my kids need help with. Here are things that work for me. Maybe they are obvious to everyone else, but it took me a while to figure them out.

Kids and “Owies.”

Bleeding lip or mouth- suck on a wet paper towel with ice in it.
Ice packs- sometimes my kids won’t let me put ice on the bump, so I cool my own hand on the ice and then use my hand as the ice pack.
Growing pains at night- fill an extra sock (without holes) with rice, microwave for 45 sec to 1 min. Put on sore spot. Ibuprofen/tylenol rarely work as fast as the nice heat for those growing pains.
Bug bite discomfort- Benedryl spray on the bite
Bee stings- I have a little container of baking soda in my first aid kit to mix with water and make a paste.
General – I have a bag with sunscreen, sunscreen stick for faces, bug spray, tweezers, and first aid kit (bottle of antiseptic wash and bandaids) that I keep with me because you never know when an owie will appear. Thanks to Ginger for helping us all get those together at Enrichment (I mean our RS meeting!)
And a new one, thanks to James- I learned that drug stores sell Steri-strips, so you can tape up your own gashes. It’s a tape that can go right over the top of the cut.



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