Tuesday Tips

If you weren’t able to attend the Relief Society meeting last Wednesday, here are a few important things about summer safety in our area.

1. Poison ivy rashes are caused by an allergic reaction to the plant’s oil, called urushiol. If you’ve touched poison ivy, wash the area immediately with cold water. Better yet, get some Tecnu poison ivy cleanser. It can help even up to 48 hours after contact.

2. Ticks are the bane of our spring, summer, and fall existence. Short of raising chickens who feed on them, we’re stuck bathing in insect repellent. As part of our assembled first aid kits, we purchased Ticked-Off Tick Removers for everyone, which are much easier to use than tweezers. Whenever I’ve used them, the whole tick has been easily and quickly removed, even when the tick is on a squirming and wiggly child.

3.  Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be tempered by drinking lots of fluids, taking frequent breaks when you’re working in the sun, and cooling your body down if you become overheated.

4. Unfortunately, I missed a lot of what Kristie said about water safety, as I was preparing the first aid kits, but I did hear that one should never put too much confidence in floatation devices, as children can slip through them, or they can become water-logged.




One Response to “Tuesday Tips”

  1. Angela Says:

    Any floatation device that is not coast guard approved is a possible drowning device! Make sure anything used is approved!!!

    Any small amount of water is a hazard, it takes less than an inch for a small child to drown.

    Learn what drowning really looks like!!! Most cases people think someone drowning is just playing.

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