Tuesday’s Tips

A few years ago the stake asked Sis. Wendy Dewitt to speak to us about creating a food storage that all of our family members would eat.  She introduced to us the idea of canning meats, using solar ovens, and using the vacuum sealers.   Many of us in the stake at that time have taken these ideas to heart and have used them ever since.   

For those of you who  weren’t able to  see her speak or to even be here when she spoke to us, I have discovered a way for you to listen to her presentation.   Sis. DeWitt has put her presentation onto YouTube.  Just look under Wendy Dewitt.  She has her presentation divided into 9 or 10 segments.  Now you can be inspired too and find ways to add to your food storage or to start your food storage.   

Below is an announcement from Sis. Lyon about “Moms of Portsmouth”.   This is a great way for sisters to get together during the summer and to let your kids enjoy each others company as well.

Dear Moms of Portsmouth,

This week Amy is hosting at the playground/park behind her home.
Please let us know if you’ll be able to make it!
I hope to have a June-July-Aug schedule up soon so you’ll know in advance.  If you have ideas/requests, please let me know.
We want to include as many moms as possible, hopefully expanding our group a bit over the summer….
Come when you can, it is always so refreshing to see you.

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