Friday Favorites–Amy Handy

Friday Favorites!  Melanie asked that since I am new to the ward I take this opportunity to tell the sisters about myself and also about a few of my favorite things.  I actually grew up in Portsmouth and graduated from Portsmouth High School in 2004.  I met my husband a few months later and got married the following year.  We spent the last five years in the Lakes Region, mostly in the Wolfeboro Area, but most recently in Plymouth, NH.


My favorite color is blue.  My favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry (especially from Lago’s!).  My favorite food would either be hot wings or fried chicken.  My  favorite fruits are strawberries and watermelon.  Without sounding too cliche my favorite books are the Harry Potter Series followed by the Twilight Saga and I seem to recall really enjoying The Giver too.  My favorite hymns are Praise to the Man and I Believe in Christ.  My favorite flowers are orchids, lilies and irises (or really any flower that is violet in color.  They always remind me of Amber’s eyes).


My favorite holiday is Christmas.  I love baking.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it my favorite breed, but I do have a Brittany Spaniel also named Brittany (I’m SOOO…original!).  I have waited to find out the sex of all three of my children and have given them all a first name that starts with “A” and a middle name that starts with “M,”  Aaron Michael, Amber McKenzie and Alex Mason.  If Aaron had been a girl he would have been named Hannah Lane and then who knows what I would have done about the rest.


Melanie actually asked me my favorite child (as a joke), and although I love my children in very different but also very equal ways, I do feel a special bond with Alex.  I think of him as a gift that Amber gave to me as part of her passing.  We definitely wouldn’t have had another child when we did if she had not passed and so I will always treasure him.


I am still getting to know the sisters in the ward and can be a bit shy so please come talk to me!  Time to get Aaron from school 🙂



2 Responses to “Friday Favorites–Amy Handy”

  1. Ginger Says:

    I’m so glad Melanie asked you to post, Amy! It’s great to get to know a little more about you. (And I lovelovelove The Giver too! I think it’s a flawless book!)

  2. portsmouthwardwomen Says:

    Hi Amy! I’m glad I had you post too! Fun getting to learn about you! 🙂

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