Friday Favorites

Kimono Girl Lego Minifigure

I am hooked on Lego Minifigures. I think they are the coolest things. Legos has a series of minifigures that you can get and build and play with them or display them (they come with their own stand). They have series 4 out now but you can still get series 3 (until they are sold out) there are 16 minifigures in each series. We discovered them when we were out shopping for a small reward for our boys for accomplishing a goal that they had and we were in the toy section of Walmart when Jared and the boys found them. You can’t tell what is in them so each one is a surprise. So we each got one. Once we got home we opened them and they were so cool. I got a fisherman(he has a fish and a fishing rod), Jared got a girl tennis player, Cooper got a Samurai warrior, Grant got an Indian chief and Tanner got an alien with a lightsaber type sword.

Here is the link to Legos website so you can check out how cool they are.

Target in Greenland is selling only series 4 and they cost $2.99 (you’ll find them in aisle E 26, the packaging is bright orange) and Toys R Us are still selling series 3 and series 4 for the same price.

I gave one to myself on Mother’s day from series 4 and I got the Kimono girl, she is awesome.

– Jennie


2 Responses to “Friday Favorites”

  1. Ginger Says:

    We got one to put in Will’s pinewood derby car. We ended up with an urban guy with a ghetto blaster, which we put in the rear window of the car. It was hilarious. Coincidence that Will came in second in his pack? I think not.

  2. Kindra (Simms) Bradley Says:

    I love the fisherman. They are all so cute. I had no idea they had these. What a fun post.


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