Tuesday Tips

My mum has always kept a journal for as long as I can remember. I’ve kept journals off and on over the years. When I moved into this ward and I heard how Molly and Joe keep a journal for each of their kids, I was impressed. So each boy has their own journal that I write in but their journals are Word documents. The heading of their journal has their full name, then I write things that I think they would like to know, such as any cravings that I had while I was pregnant with them, anything at all, I also write in their baby announcement that we sent out to everyone and what day they were born on, the time of birth, which hospital it was at the doctor that delivered them, what names were discussed or suggested etc.

Then I type the month and year and underneath that I write the date and the experience(s) that happened on that day. I try to type it up that day or night of when it happened so that I can remember the details better otherwise I make a note on a piece of paper or on the calendar of what happened so that when I have some time I can type it up from the notes I made. I will also copy and paste if the experience involves 2 or all 3 boys.

I like to have the current month at the top of the page and will type the current experiences at the top, so I don’t have to scroll down to the bottom of the page all the time in order to type it in.

Sometimes when the boys see me typing in journal entries they want me to read some out to them from their journals, they enjoy listening and will scroll through and point to ones that they would like to hear.

– Jennie


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