Thursday Thoughts

Last week the RS lesson was Chapter 32 Tithes and Offerings. No idea what was said or who spoke because I don’t usually have the privilege of attending Relief Society on Sunday. But I read the lesson and here’s how I am inspired.

Tithing is about faith. There is nothing else that can make a person give up 10% income. So many times it just doesn’t make sense if you take your income and subtract out taxes, living, and then tithing and other offerings. How are you going to make it? But you pay it with faith before you know how the Lord is going to make it all work out. And doesn’t it always work? Sometimes my husband and I marvel at how things just continue to work out for us. We were poor farmers, then dental students without hardly an income. But somehow we have always had what we needed and a little more to enjoy life. Don’t ever forget that tithing makes that happen. And that’s just the temporal blessing we received. Heber J. Grant promised us that as we pay our tithes and offerings the Lord will help us grow “in a knowledge of God, and in a testimony, and in the power to live the gospel and to inspire our families to do the same.” Paying our tithing is such a blessing. I hope I can always do it happy and willingly.

The Apostle Paul taught “Let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. ”

Happy Thursday




One Response to “Thursday Thoughts”

  1. Kindra (Simms) Bradley Says:

    The comment was made in our class that because of tithing her family always had what they needed. She said, “I learned that the Lord’s math is not like regular math.”

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