Tuesday Tips: Streamling the Casper Family Laundry system

A couple of years ago I was surprised to open an unusual Christmas present from my husband. Five Small mesh laundry bags. He listened to my constant complaining about matching 49 pairs of socks every week (which is impossible since we all know that washing machines love to eat them) and he took action and devised a new plan.  I was told to sew a different colored button on each bag and assign colors of buttons to each child. Then I left one bag in each child’s laundry basket in their room. All socks . . . (And what the heck -let’s throw in the panties too because who likes sorting 4 different sizes of those?) . . . had to be in the bag if they wanted them cleaned. Then no sorting or folding for mom involved. When I pick up their laundry I zip up the bags, throw them in the washer and then place them in their individual clean clothes baskets. Way too brillant if you ask me. Though, you do have do the laundry frequently though for this system to work.  Over stuffed bags don’t dry too well in the dryer.

Another thing I do to save myself tons of time and keep my laundry room organized so their isn’t any huge stacks of laundry to fold ever is to keep a shelf in my laundry room that has a basket for each child. Now all I have to do is take them right out of the dryer and sort laundry into each basket. I don’t even fold because that is their job, though I try to put them in straight, rather than a wrinkly heap. They have to pick up the baskets, fold and put away all clothes and return whenever I tell them or if they start running out of clothes. I like this system because it does a number of good things. Decrease my work load, eliminate a huge pile of clean laundry on my bed or couch, and finally -Teach my kids to be responsible for their own stuff.



One Response to “Tuesday Tips: Streamling the Casper Family Laundry system”

  1. Pam Belanger Says:

    What a great system. Wish I had that when my four were all at home.

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