Friday Favorites: Art

During vacation week, I took my boys to the Currier Museum. Call it inspiration from our stake women’s conference on creativity, call it a trial run for museums in Korea, call it crazy. We loved it.

I have many fond memories of my mom taking me to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery when I was a child, and the magic of color and shape in painting and sculpture.

We brought small notebooks and pencils, so the boys could sketch their favorite things. We also played the Eye Spy game, provided by the museum.

Before we went, we talked about museum behavior. While there, we stopped to talk about the different styles of painting, moving close to the paintings then far away, so we could see both brush strokes as well as general composition of the painting. We took breaks often, sitting on the benches to look at a favored painting.

While  I enjoyed introducing my boys to fine art, I would love to go there sometime on my own, so I could spend a little more time appreciating the skill of the artists, and inspire myself in creating my own works.

And bonus. It was free through the Lee Library.



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