Tuesday Tips:

Spring has sprung, and our thoughts turn to all-purpose bleach. Just kidding. Sort of.

Spring cleaning is a ritual that I can’t help but follow. The sunshine shows all those fingerprints on the walls by the stair railing, and the dust bunnies in the corners, and the soot from the fireplace on the mantelpiece, not to mention the grit hiding under the rug. I can tolerate only so much.

However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the tasks to be done.  I once attended an enrichment meeting given by a woman who was super organized. She told us about her method of keeping on top of housework.

She got index cards, and wrote down every single task that would ever have to be done in a year: vacuum behind furniture, wash windows, clean interior of car, vacuum dryer vents, dust lamp shades, wash walls, etc. Then she and her kids would pick one each day. On some days she didn’t have much time, so she might do a simpler one, such as wiping down switch plates. On other days, she had a larger block of time and would do two or three cards.

When she was finished with the task, she put the date on the back of the card and put it at the back of the pile.

I created my own set of cards, and though I don’t follow her system exactly, the cards serve as a reminder of what needs to be done, and it also helps in doling out chores to the boys when they need something to do, and I can’t come up with something on the spur of the moment.



3 Responses to “Tuesday Tips:”

  1. Laurence Says:

    Great tips, and excellent organization! Question: So, what is the husband’s role in all this? Hop up on his podium as the ‘leader of the band’, or is his mandate to ‘grab an instrument and tune up with the rest of the orchestra’? Just seeking clarification…L.

    • portsmouthwardwomen Says:

      As long as your instrument is your voice and you sing with mop in hand… 🙂

  2. Pam Belanger Says:

    I really like this idea. Lists always help me get things done, and if I had a stack of cards with all of those “spring cleaning” kinds of chores, they might actually get done. I think I will try this. Watch out Wade, here I come.

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