Tuesday Tips

Food storage and preparation is a goal of mine, and as the RS president, it is my desire that all sisters who have the desire to have their own storage know how to do that.  So my tip for the day is how to start your own food storage.  Knowing where to start and how to start can be a daunting and intimidating hurdle to overcome.  Here are some ways to overcome that hurdle.

1. Consider the kinds of foods your family likes to eat on a regular basis.  What kinds of ingredients do you need for those meals?  Perhaps you could choose one week’s worth of meals as a start. Make a list of those ingredients that you need.

2. When you go shopping, buy two of those items, one for your pantry and one for your food storage.   Shop for one meal a week if that is all you can afford to do.

3. Date the food storage so that you know when you purchased it.  Whenever you use your food storage (I always use mine.) rotate and use the food with the oldest date.

4. If there is a sale on those items that you use regularly, buy more than one of them, and put the extra into your food storage.  For example,  I use Francesco Rinaldi spaghetti sauce when I don’t make my own, so I always buy a few when it is on sale.  Market Basket had the jars on sale this past week for 99 cents each.  I bought three last week and three this week.   I probably have about 20 on hand at any time.

5. Set aside a certain amount that you will spend each time you go grocery shopping for buying food storage items.  Perhaps you will spend $5 or $10.  Do whatever you think you can afford.

6. Set a goal for a week’s worth, then go for two week’s worth, and then one month’s worth.

7. Don’t forget items such as toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.  You will need those too.  Especially look for sales for these items.  That is a good time to stock up.

8.  This process will take time, but once you get used to doing this, it will become a habit to you and you will always consider food storage when you go shopping.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you.  If you go to LDS,org, you will find more tips to help you start and maintain your food storage. With food and gas prices going through the roof, it is so important to be prepared for whatever hard times come our way.



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