Friday Favorites

Some of you know that we tap our maple trees and make syrup. We were given a gallon of sap when we lived in Michigan, and innocently boiled it down in our kitchen amidst clouds and clouds of steam. Still, the process intrigued us, so when we moved here and discovered several maple trees on our property, we decided to tap.

It’s been a learning experience. We got 35 gallons of sap from the eight (?) trees we tapped this year. Last week, we were in the midst of sugaring but had to shut down for the night, as it got too dark to see. The next day, we took some of the partially-sugared sap and added it to seltzer water to make soda. It was amazing. I don’t know how it would taste with regular syrup, but if you have sap, I would highly recommend it.

If you’d like to try your hand at sugaring, let me know. I’m certain we’ve got an extra gallon or two hanging around.




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