Tuesday Tips: Libraries and Children’s Books

In the past, we had a rule that when we went to the library each child could borrow seven books. We always knew how many books we had, and how many we needed to return. That rule has been long gone for awhile now, since seven books just isn’t enough anymore. I think we’re up to ten each now.

Here is a website that is full of good information regarding children’s literature: http://childrensbookalmanac.com/ It’s written by Anita Silvey, who is an authority on children’s books.  She has archives that you can search by age group, book type, subject, etc.



3 Responses to “Tuesday Tips: Libraries and Children’s Books”

  1. Susan Grant Says:

    I love children’s books. I have had to get rid of boxes of books over the years because of moving and downsizing but I kept most of my kids’ picture books. I worked for Bookland of Maine for 7 years and the Children’s Department was my area of expertise. I have my favorites in the picture book, 8-12, and Young Adult categories if you ever want any recommendations. I don’t keep up with children’s books as much as I used to since becoming a Reference Librarian and then library director now for 2 1/2 years, but with a new grand daughter I am looking for new children’s books again. Would love to share titles!

    • portsmouthwardwomen Says:

      We’re kindred spirits! I (Ginger) write for children; so does Melanie Marks. Anita Silvey is a great reference. I heard her talk during grad school, and was so impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge.

      • Susan Grant Says:

        That is very cool that you both write for children. Maybe we should do something in R.S. that has to do with children’s literature? I used to go to the New England Booksellers Assoc. fairs in October when they held them in Boston. I got a lot of my kids books there signed by the authors. One of my favorites is Peter Sis’s book about Columbus. He drew a picture inside and dedicated it to my 3 kids. I have collected most of his books. I love his stories and illustrations. I also met Natalie Babbitt and Amy Tan who were promoting their latest children’s books (I don’t think Amy Tan has written more than a couple of children’s books) at the time. It was so much fun and the books were free! We’d go home with bags full of books.

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