Thursday Thoughts

I think music can be as powerful as the words that are spoken by the speakers during General Conference. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, sang amazingly. The Hymn #148 Sabbath Day, I like the words of this hymn, especially the third verse, the words seemed to jump out to me.

V1. In sweet remembrance of thy Son, We gather in they house as one To join in prayer, to sing thy praise, To worship thee and learn thy ways. Father , on this the Sabbath day, Be with us gathered here, we pray.

V2. And may our thought still turn to thee, With loved ones, friends, and family. In all we do till day is gone, May worship still continue on. Father, on this the Sabbath day, Be with us in our homes, we pray.

V3. Help each to seek a quiet hour To read thy word and feel thy power, To hear thy voice, though small and still, Renew our strength to do thy will. Father, on this the Sabbath day, Be with us in our hearts, we pray.

I felt joy in my soul, when the choir sang Hymn #223 Have I Done Any Good? and I could hear Tanner softly singing along with them, it is a song that I like and so once Grant and Tanner had finished learning the primary presentation songs, I then picked a hymn to teach them for a month, so every night we start our nightly routine with a song that the boys will learn for the month. To hear Tanner sing along and remember the words to the song made me smile.

The last song that the choir sang Hymn #2 The Spirit of God was awesome. Jared said to me on the way home that he would have liked to have heard them sing that song in person. I smiled again and felt joy when I heard Tanner yet again join in singing with the choir during the chorus, I have not as yet taught the boys this song, so it must be from singing it in church that he has learnt the words.

“For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads”

D&C 25:12

— Jennie



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