Tuesday Tips – Decorating


Photo #1

Photo #2


So my Tip for Tuesday is Decorating.  I like to do some decorating in the dining room as it is a room that I can display things and not worry about my boys getting into the things I display and touching or playing with them. Each month has a theme. For March I did a Saint Patrick’s theme. I like to use the things that the boys have made at school, it gives me a way to display their art work, I also use the boy’s wooden alphabet blocks to display phrases that go along with the theme for the month.

So photo #1 has the phrase “The Luck of the Irish” with a Leprechaun’s hat/insert your face and take a photo that Tanner made in his Kindergarten class, there are also 2 shamrock cookie cutters displayed (I got 4 of them at Michael’s) and 1 Waterford footed dessert filled with gold chocolate coins. Photo #2 has the phrase ” 4 Leaf Clover”, with a Leprechaun that Grant made in his 1st Grade class, 2 shamrock cookie cutters and 2 Waterford footed desserts, the taller one is filled with all the green Lego pieces that it would hold and the shorter one is filled with gold chocolate coins.

I am by no means an expert when it comes to decorating but I look around at what I already have and try to use it in a fun or interesting way. I also search the internet for ideas but I search with a theme in mind. I like to have place cards for when we have guests over for dinner on Sundays, it will usually be in keeping with the months theme but not always, I like to use place cards as it helps our guests know where to sit when it is time to eat, we also use candles and let the kids blow them out, we only have 2 candles so we have to relight the candles sometimes since there is more than one child who wants to blow a candle out. I have also used piano sheet music in my displays.

— Jennie


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