Friday Favorites

A Week of Posts! This is amazing. I keep a regular blog for my family and I am lucky to get one a week in lately. It’s a public blog. And it’s definitely one of my Favorite things. I blog for three reasons.

# 1. Fame! Hence, the public not private blog. It keeps me posting knowing that people anywhere could be reading it. It contains a button on the sidebar that announces, ” I am a Mormon” and I always keep in mind that I am sharing to the public what a Mormon family is like. I keep it real of course, but I focus on positive not negative aspects of family life. Or rather I look for the positive in day to day life, even amongst our trials and tribulations. And everything is just easier to laugh at once you write about it, no matter how bad it might’ve been to experience.

# 2. Connections. I never got caught up in the Facebook craze. For me it just isn’t a good use of a mother of five’s time to keep up with the constant thoughts of my 200 friends and what they are doing that exact minute. And besides. . . Facebook updates are way too concise for my way of writing/thinking. I stay connected with friends and family across the world through family blogs. Now at family reunions we aren’t strangers. I can say Hi to my cousins kids calling them by name. I don’t have to utter cliche’s  like, “Man, you’re kid’s are growing like weeds!”  I have been watching them grow up on the blog. It keeps me connected with close family and friends in way that nothing else could living out here in the New Hampshire Woods.

#3 It’s a journal.  I no longer have the guilt that I am not keeping a record of our lives. Our pictures, our memories. . . they are all there for the keeping. I am planning. . . . just to lazy so far . . .  but totally planning on making the  blog into lots of blog books online. So we can have our hard copy too our shelf to sit along side the scrapbooks of years gone past. Blog books are fairly inexpensive and when you consider all the time and money you are saving now you have traded scapbooking in for blogging. . . It just all makes perfect sense to me. I love having a blog. It has been one of the highlights of my life the last 4 years since I entered the blogging world.




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