Tuesday tips

My kids have told me that I am a free magnet. I have been known to be driving down the road, full speed ahead and passed a free sign and suddenly the brakes are screeching and we are making an immediate left turn.

They say it’s embarrassing. I say it’s recycling, and isn’t that totally hip right now?

So as you can imagine I was pretty happy to find out that there is a FREE store at all the town dumps here in NH. If you haven’t visited your local swap shop at your town transfer and recycling station you should check it out. My favorite thing to be on the lookout for is anything constructed out of wood. Sanding down a scratched dresser takes me about 15 minutes. Then painting it just another 15-20 minutes. It doesn’t take professional skills to refinish furniture. I have used stripper before when it has a thick varnish, and that’s a bit of a pain, and most of the time not necessary. Especially if you are just applying a thin coat and letting the natural wood color sort of show through.

The best part is that you can make all of your furniture match. I usually use indoor/outdoor GLOSS black. But lately I have been into RED and that has been super fun! After painting you can sand the edges to give it that popular antique look. And it’s not like you are faking it. It really is an antique. . . . for all you know. Refinishing wood furniture is my tip of the week. If you already have the piece, or you picked it up for free -then all you need is a quart of paint. It’s just under $10 and will be plenty of paint to cover countless swap shop finds.




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