Friday Favorites: Tisanes and Herbal Teas

I’ve recently discovered the joys of a pot of herbal tea or tisane. Tisanes are made of dried flowers, roots, seeds, leaves, spices, nuts, or fruits. It’s hot, it’s soothing, it’s yummy, it’s hydrating, and it has no caffeine. If you add a bit of sugar and cream to some of the spicier varieties, it’s like dessert in a teacup.  Some of my favorites: Almond Delight Rooibos and Coconut Rooibos Chai (both from Teasy Teas, formerly the Portsmouth Tea Company, for sale online only).  I know two of the under-8 crowd who especially like their New England blueberry muffin tea and Watermelon Splash tea. Once the weather warms up, I’m looking forward to trying Blood Orange tea (if you’re not familiar with blood oranges, they’re not oranges for vampires. They’re a variety of orange in which the flesh is deep red, almost purple, and the taste is between raspberry and orange.)

These are sold as loose teas, but there are do-it-yourself tea bags that you can purchase that are easier and neater than tea infusers.

Does anyone have any favorite herbal teas?


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