Tuesday Tips: Carrots

If you read yesterday’s post, you saw that carrot salad was on the menu this week. We eat a lot of carrots around here, mostly because they are one of the few vegetables that are highly rated by the pickier members of the clan. They are not messy like tomatoes, they tolerate life as a member of the bagged lunch crowd, and they clean out your teeth. Consequently, I pack them in lunches almost every day–but it’s a pain to peel and cut them in the craziness of the morning rush. Yes, I could buy baby carrots, but they are more expensive, and they sometimes feel slimy. Blaugh. So I cut my own. To make the morning rush easier, I often buy a 5 lb bag of them, and peel and cut them in bulk one night a week, leaving them in a large water-filled tupperware to be eaten–or packed in lunches–at will. If they are already cut up, they get eaten more often, both by the wee ones as well as by us.

Happy Tuesday!



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