Friday Favorites: Ice Cream

My family loves ice cream, but we never go through a whole carton of ice cream. Crazy, huh? Maybe it’s because S. likes strawberry ice cream, and W. likes cookie dough, B. likes mint chocolate-chip, and I like anything with chocolate and stuff in it (really, I’m not fussy: rocky road, moose tracks, brownie, peanut butter cup, nuts, whatever. I may not eat much meat, but I’m hip to the ice cream scene.)

So I inevitably end up buying vanilla, with the intent of having root beer floats (but S. doesn’t want a root beer float; he wants plain root beer, hold the ice cream), or even hot fudge sundaes, but that requires hot fudge, which equals effort, which means the carton of ice cream gets a few scoops out of it before it gets chucked after a short freezer-burned life. Sad, isn’t it?

Inspiration struck in the freezer aisle at Market Basket. Individual cups of ice cream. Tra la! So, it’s a bit of a splurge to spend $1 for each person on single serving cups of ice cream, but as a special treat, it’s nice to not only get what we each want, but we’re also not wasting ice cream or being gluttonous in consuming it.




One Response to “Friday Favorites: Ice Cream”

  1. portsmouthwardwomen Says:

    We have no problem at our house with freezer burned ice cream. We like just about all flavors. Our problem is how to make it last for the whole week. Great sale on Hood’s blueberry cream at Market Basket the other day, 2 for $3, sooooo I bought four and put three in the freezer downstairs and one in the freezer upstairs. Now to keep everyone out of the freezer downstairs.

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